Business Law

Are you looking for business law solutions? Our business law lawyers are ready and qualified to help you with the situations you face:

Partnership or Ownership Disputes: Whether you're in a large corporation or a smaller business, we can help you resolve issues such as getting "squeezed out" of your current position by other owners or partners, breach-of-contract, or legal-related problems that might occur within the day-to-day running of the business.

Business Formation: Deciding what type of business you're going to consolidate (whether it be LLC, Corporation, S-Corp election, Limited Partnership, etc.) can be time-consuming and confusing. We'll take the stress out of this to provide you with clear-cut options so that you can make the right decision for your business future.

Contract Formation and/or Review: Don't sign a business contract unless you know that the contract says exactly what you think it says. Bring the proposed deal that's on the table to us, and we'll help you draft and finalize it in a fair manner that protects your interests. Our business law attorneys are waiting for your call.

Commercial Lease Disputes: Commercial leases involve significant sums of money, so the stakes are always quite high. Our experienced business law lawyers recognize this and make a commitment to be in your corner every step of the way.

Our business law attorneys are waiting for your call.

Probate and Trust Law

Whether you've been "cut out" as a beneficiary or you've been named the Executor or Successor Trustee of a Trust, you may be feeling overwhelmed. There are many things to handle after the death of a loved one and learning the California Probate Code shouldn't be on your list. Let the attorneys at Thompson and Associates give you the assistance and necessary information to move forward with the probate of the deceased's Last Will and Testament or Trust Administration. After the initial consultation in which your situation is reviewed and the legal fees are discussed, they can assist you in your duties. When asked to be the Executor for a Will, you don't have to perform any tasks until the person passes away. When that does occur, you're responsible to lodge the Will with the courthouse within 30 days, if you have possession of it. The probate process begins with the filing of the petition. Proper notification must be given through the newspaper and notifications of all legal beneficiaries. Then follows the inventory of assets, preparation of real estate either for sale or new ownership, and all the other aspects of "wrapping up" the estate of the deceased. It is a difficult process if unfamiliar with the law, and there are many details that can go wrong, especially if there are any beneficiaries who contest the distribution of assets or how the estate is being handled. They can cause a complete halt of the progress and fighting will begin. One of the most effective ways to handle an estate is to use the assets available to hire an attorney. The estate attorney will work through the probate and trust administration and can ensure you are protected from negative legal ramifications. You were designated as the legal Executor, but that doesn't guarantee you are familiar enough with the law to handle all the minute details that can arise. There is no need to feel lost when it comes to handling probate and trust matters when you have the capable services of a law firm. Thompson and Associates is available to guide you through this process. With many years of experience and an outstanding reputation, they are able to answer your questions and work with you to a positive resolution. If there was no Last Will and Testament made by the deceased, the case can be more complicated, as an intestate estate. There are, however, legal procedures in place to handle these types of cases. An experienced attorney can explain them to you in a way that will make sense. Many times, it becomes necessary for judges to distribute the assets evenly among the family members present. While that may create turmoil within the family, it does prevent one person from taking the blame for what may be perceived as favoritism. Using a reputable law firm to explain your obligations as an Executor or even to guide your family through a death and asset division without a Will can be a smart way to maintain family peace. It also ensures that the obligations are met in a timely and legal manner.

Probate and Trust Administration Services include the following: Last Will and Testament, Revocable Living Trust (Family Trust), Special Needs Trusts, Medi-Cal planning, Elder Law, Financial Power of Attorney, Advance Healthcare Directive, High Value Estate Tax Planning, Conservatorship, and Will contests, Trust disputes and Inheritance Disputes.

Thompson & Associates

Real Estate Law

Our Real Estate Law Offices can assist you with a vast array of residential and commercial issues, whether you are a builder, investor, developer, lender, buyer or owner seeking affordable representation and clear advice regarding a legal property issue.
Quiet Title Lawsuit: Placing a child on title for as a "will substitute," but then the child refuses to sign the deed back when you desire to sell your own property is, unfortunately, a common legal matter.

Code Enforcement Issues: Code enforcement is designed to insure that your property falls within the standards set for your community. If the city is levying fines on your property, our offices are here to help with your next course of action.

Property/Fence Line Disputes: Arguments over whose property is whose or other problematic situations that can flare up between you and your neighbors are some of the most common occurrences in which real estate law comes into play. Make sure you know your rights and obligations.

Eviction and Unlawful Detainer: When a residential or commercial tenant is failing to pay rent, or is violating the lease in another way, you need to file an unlawful detainer action to remove them from the premises. Especially when you have "sophisticated tenants" who know how to "play the system," knowledgeable, affordable legal counsel is a must.

Clear Title/Ownership Problems: Our offices frequently deal with title and ownership issues. Are you in this situation? Call us and find out what to do.

Foreclosure on Promissory Note and Deed of Trust: When an owner-seller holds the note for a new buyer who then fails to pay, you need to get your property back. We can help.
Contract drafting, Leases, etc.

If you're looking for a solution to real estate-related conflicts, we're here to help! .

General Civil & Criminal Law

As attorneys in "smaller" communities, like the "town doctor" of old, we have handled a plethora of legal matters for existing clients outside of our normal areas of practice. We will tell you up front if we are uncomfortable with handling your legal issue or do not have the time necessary to effectively represent you in your legal matter. But our firm in the past has handled both misdemeanor and felony Criminal Law defense, Insurance Bad Faith Claims, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Federal Law, Election Law, Municipal Law, and Appeals.  

Are you looking for legal solutions? Give us a call today at (951) 849-5400. Our attorneys are qualified and ready to help you with the situations you face.